Why you need Anti Graffiti Hoarding Laminate

3 Reasons you need to have Anti Graffiti Hoarding Laminate applied to your panels.

It’s an unfortunate fact of life that if you put hoarding panels up around your site or project that they will more likely than not be daubed in graffiti. Whilst you might hold out hope for a Banksy piece appearing on your hoarding the reality is that it will be far less sophisticated and more phallic graffiti that appears. That’s why we strongly urge our clients to have Anti Graffiti Hoarding Laminate applied to any hoarding panels that they order from us.

anti graffiti hoarding laminate

The Anti Graffiti Hoarding Laminate that we apply means that it is easy to wipe off any graffiti easily without the need for harsh chemicals that could damage your boards. We apply it when we are finishing your hoarding panels and thus it doesn’t add any time to the production of your job.

There are three good reasons why you should have Anti Graffiti Hoarding Laminate on your next job. These are:

1.Save time and money.

By applying Anti Graffiti Hoarding Laminate you save a lot of time in that your panels can be wiped down with warm water to get rid of any offending graffiti. This means that your workers will spend less time rectifying your boards to get them looking as they should. Money can also be saved as you aren’t wasting money on cleaning chemicals to remove the graffiti. We have had to reprint boards in the past where laminate has not been applied which has cost clients £100’s and delayed their projects as they are re-installed.

2.Project the right image to potential customers.

It’s highly likely that potential customers might be put off if your hoarding panels are daubed in graffiti. Not only does it raise a red flag about the local community where you project is, important messages might be obscured which make it harder to get your calls to action across. A quick wipe will eradicate these problems.

3. Won’t affect how your panels look.

The Anti Graffiti Hoarding Laminate that we use is a clear product which does not change the appearance of your panels. Other laminates may alter the colours on your boards, but ours is clear and allows you to keep a constant colour scheme throughout your branding efforts.

Overall, Anti Graffiti Hoarding Laminate should be considered as a necessary add on for any hoarding project that takes place. If you would like to learn more about it then give our team a call on 01625 435 160. Alternatively click the button below to get a quote on any hoarding job today.


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