Printed Hoarding in Croydon

Printed Hoarding For The High Street, Croydon

The Hoarding Printing team recently took on a job where they were asked to install printed hoarding in Croydon. We were asked to design, print and install hoarding for a company called Inspired Asset Management. Inspired Asset Management is one of the fastest growing property investment companies in London.

Before our team had the printed hoarding  job up and running, we completed a site survey. We then managed to have the hoarding designed and approved within a week. As you can see below, here is the final outcome of the printed hoarding, Inspired Asset Management were very happy with the results!

printed hoarding

Printed Hoarding on Construction Sites

Safety at work is key for all of us at Spiral Colour.  Our installation teams have CSCS cards and have undergone recent Health, Safety and Environment assessment.  We work with site managers to ensure a quick, accurate and, above all, safe installation of the printed hoarding.

As you can see in the images above, the hoarding installation took place on a construction site in the centre of Croydon.  This offered a superb opportunity to advertise the new properties with a huge footfall and standing traffic.

Full Site Survey

We offer a full site survey to ensure that everything is in place before any design takes place.  The site survey will measure how much height difference there will be from board to board, ensuring a free-flowing design from end to end.  It will also take into account any obstructions such as street furniture or tree’s which we will highlight.

We will supply a schematic diagram in scale with all our reccommendations.  This will come as an Adobe InDesign or Adobe Illystrator file which allows your designers, or our designers to submit accurate artwork to our pre-press team.  This reduces installation time by up to 30% and reduces installation costs by the the same.

At Spiral Colour, construction site hoarding jobs are the norm for us and we’re confident enough to say that we are experts in printed hoarding as well as hoarding installation. The reason why we offer hoarding installation really is so you can have the best results possible. We like to make sure that the printed hoarding is put up first of all safely and also correctly, we don’t want our customers ending up with poor results because of the people installing the hoarding.
As well as the customer, we need to make sure that we too are 100% happy with the job at hand before we leave the site, and can safely say that the construction site hoarding in Crodyon was a success!

If you think that you may be interested in having us design, print or install printed hoarding in your area, don’t hesitate to call us on 01625 435 130 or click on the button below to take you through to our website.

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